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Bare New Zealand Reviews. Collagen Reviews and Protein Powder reviews.
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Premium Unflavoured Marine Collagen 350g

Collagen Sample Pack
Martinique Ross

Collagen Sample Pack

Protein powder and collagen, best ever!

Love the unflavoured collagen, it’s very easy to take. I always start the day with a glass of lemon water, so now I add the collagen to it. Done! Definitely improved nails and hair.
I also want to thank the Bare company for creating their products as pure as possible. Specifically I’m very grateful that there’s no artificial sweeteners in their products. The keto diet is so popular now and we are all striving not to use sugar, which is great. But we start using artificial sweeteners instead not fully being ready to give up the sweet taste altogether. Forgetting that they’re as bad as sugar if not worse, upsetting the bacterial flora in our guts etc. Thank you so much for using stevia in your products! I use chocolate protein powder and it never irritates my gut or cause any bloating like other protein products do. Three times a week my workout starts at 6am and so there’s no time for a proper breakfast. That’s when the protein shakes come to the rescue.
I hope you will stick to the way you make your products, with as few ingredients as possible and as natural as possible.

Collagen Sample Pack
Megan Daubney
Collagen sample packs

Great price to try out a new product and appreciated the different flavours. Liked the subtle taste. Worth buying if you haven't tried collagen supplements before

Collagen Sample Pack
Kirstin Richmond
Collagen Sample Pack

Loved all 3 of these products, left the berry one till last as didn’t think I would like the sweetness…how wrong could I be…the taste was amazing,,,totally recommend!

Premium Unflavored Marine Collagen

Absolutely love this product, on my 4th container, my nails and hair have improved alot. My skin is looking alot healthier. Totally recommended

So far so good!

Enjoying taking this, love having it in my morning coffee, no flavour what so ever! It’s great! My hair and nails feel stronger and my skin is loving this!

Collagen Sample Pack
Annette Meachen

Tried all three flavours in the sample pack. Loved the vanilla flavour. Have since reordered the larger size in vanilla. Love it.


I am enjoying it and the berry flavor is delicious❤️😊

Collagen review

So far very positive results. Re ordering

Another happy customer

Tastes as it says, not gritty or hard to drink as other collagen i have tired. Friendly, helpful customer service and delivery is prompt even in lockdown. Appreciate bebare team x


Have only been taking this for 1 month but it seems very good. It mixes immediately and is tasteless. I have bough this for my daughter now as well.

Good value

I’ve tried other brands, but like bare the best for its value and results..highly recommended product.

Collagen Sample Pack
Janet Hinman

It was good to be able to source the sample packs before purchasing a larger amount.

Pleased with results.will order again

Dairy-free Protein 1 Kg
Natasha Montagu
My favourite!

Absolutely love this protein powder, great taste, mix well into smoothies, baked protein oats and yogurt, with no sore tummy afterwards! 😊😊Looking forward to ordering some more flavours!

Best DF Protein and Collagen bundle!!

I have tried a lot of Protein DF powders and have always had allergic reactions as I am totally allergic to dairy. Finally a product that actually lives up to what it claims to be and the chocolate flavor is amazing!!! THANKYOU BARE!! You are now my GO-TO place for these products!!!🥰

Bare Collagen

A quality product

Collagen Sample Pack
Marcia Irving
Bare essentials

So far Been taking Bare collagen for three weeks. I am pleased to say the results appear positive at this moment. Will keep you informed of my progress.

Unflavoured Marine Collagen

This product is easy to consume. Being tasteless. I have 2 teaspoons every morning either in my coffee or on my porridge. I also did like the vanilla flavour. No side affects either. As well as being very well priced. I will be a return customer. N.B I an 80 years old.Thank you Bare Collagen.

unflavoured marine collagen

Seems to work well with most drinks compared to the flavoured options. Nails seems less brittled so bonus .

I have seen that I have more hair and it grew fast in a month


Love love love! Tastes delicious and actually works, especially with my hair and nails - my hair has more shine and my nails are so thick and strong, growing so fast 🥰🧡


Love the glavour


I love this product my hair skin and nails are so much stronger / brighter I’m definitely hooked ☺️