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Bare New Zealand Reviews. Collagen Reviews and Protein Powder reviews.
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Brilliant my nails and skin have improved

Tasteless & Terrific!

Looking forward to seeing the results 🙂

Marine Collagen 350g

I have been taking Marine Collagen for some time. Helps with skin and nails. Will continue purchasing Marine Collagen as long as I can as it is a good product.

Premium Unflavoured Marine Collagen 350g

Premium Flavoured Marine Collagen 330g

Premium Unflavoured Marine Collagen 350g


Great tasting vanilla flavour. Dissolves easily. Nails have become stronger. Love the "Bare" name.

Best collagen I’ve tried.!


I have been using Bare for 6 months and absolutely love the results my skin is more plump and glowy (even textured) and have noticed a huge difference with my hair noticeably shinier and less breakage!! Love this product and NO TASTE perfect in my morning coffee! 5 star Bare!!

Best Collagen

Love the marine collagen. Really makes a difference


Loving the Marine Collagen. Both Vanilla and Berry are delicious and add a lovely flavour to my overnight oats AND coffee. Yum!

So good

I didn’t expect such quick results when taking, my nails are so much stronger, skin firmer and hair feels lovely!…

My kids hoovered the smoothies

These sample packs were so delicious. The Pea powder is slightly thicker in a smoothie compared to whey based powders, but this one is not grainy and does not upset my tummy or my kids tummies like dairy does. We loved the chocolate and the salted caramel and the vanilla in smoothies with our almond milk. We ordered a big tub of salted caramel afterwards, which promptly arrived at our doorstep as usual with this company =>

Taste nice and easy to drink. Love it so much. I got two rounds already🥰

Best value and product

I love this collagen, it completely dissolves mixes well with other drinks and best of all works!!
My hair has thickened my nails are stronger and don't split and my skin has bounce! Also the price is extremely good.
Thank you

Unflavored Bare Marine Collagen

Tasteless...which suits me fine!!😊...Condition of my hair is starting improve...looks thicker...less thinning..that was my main reason for trying this product..Will keep purchasing Bare...A spoon to measure inside container would be GREAT 👍....

Premium Unflavoured Marine Collagen 350g

No aftertaste or smell

Love using this product. You cannot tell it is in your tea or coffee. Also seems like my hair has grown longer and better looking now. My face does not look dry too!

Premium Flavoured Marine Collagen 330g

Best Value Collagen

I compared all collagens on the market in NZ, price vs quality (concentration, source, etc) and Bare was the winner by far. I've been using this on a repeat subscription for years now and noticed a huge improvement in my hair loss (I have alopecia) and nail strength.

The one thing I don't love is the flavours, so I order the unflavoured product and add a couple of flavoured Waterdrops which you can easily find at your local supermarket for $2-$4 a bottle. My favourite is the Lemon/Lime.

Fabulous product

Fabulous product, I have suffered with eczema all my life and my skin has never looked so better since taking Bare Collagen. I prefer the berry flavour, so easy to add to water and no unpleasant taste.


Can't believe the difference this Bare product has made in such a short amount of time. I'm now a believer! Easy to fit into my daily routine and already seeing a huge improvement in skin & nails but especially my hair.

Premium Flavoured Marine Collagen 330g (15% OFF)

Very good. A nice taste, effective and good value for money.


Is great as has no flavour so can put in hot or cold drinks .